Energy Drink

Valhalla Vapour


Energy Drink is a blend of fruit flavours from the land of Valhalla and reminisce of the world's top selling energy drinks although this E-Liquid wil not make you fly it just may help you on your way!

Gunnar Hamundarson could fight equally with both hands and was so fast with his sword that many dreaded going against him in battle, along with his swordsmanship, he was reputed to never miss with a bow and be able to jump more than his height while wearing full battle-gear. His prowess in battle stood him in good stead as he raided along the coasts of Denmark and Norway fighting and pillaging.He was seeminly invincible but there are rumours that he used the same fruits as in our E-Liquid to give him the strenght aand energy to sustain and rejuvenate him in the land of Valhalla!