Alchemy Gothic 'I Dieth' Skull Platform Boots

Alchemy Gothic



These boots are handmade to order, please allow 10-12 weeks for them to be shipped.

Mortality, embraced with grim ambivalence and a defiant arrogance; a lustily sinister boot for the death-walker, the undertaker, the battle-hardened legionnaire and the reaper of souls. Tall, black shin-boots festooned with metal skulls and bones to announce the presence of a darkly distinctive entity.

Black leather, tall platform boot, (2”/50cm platform), with Velcro strap/buckle side fastenings.

Black leather (or Vegan friendly pleather) boot with decorative shoe lacing and antiqued metal fittings, (tongue skull badge, skull and thigh bone strap rings, bone buckles, skull platform studs, a large skull and crossed bones across the vamp and an AE brand badge on the inside upper collar).