Alchemy Gothic 'In Memorium' Boots

Alchemy Gothic


These boots are handmade to order, please allow 10-12 weeks for them to be shipped.

A ‘sensible’ goth’s shoe – extremely respectful and reverent, it’s black leather being engraved with suitably funerary scrollwork to the front and back and ‘In Memoriam’ to each side, then soberly adorned with metal coffin eyelets and bat and coffin charms to the sides.

Girl’s, chunky side-zip ankle boot,(1 ½” platform and 4 ½” heel with crenel tread).

Black leather (or Vegan friendly pleather) engraved with “In Memoriam” on the outer side and scrollwork on the toe, thick black laces and antiqued metal fittings, (coffin eyelets, bat and a red-enamelled cross-bone coffin charms on an outer side ankle-chain, and an AE brand badge on the instep).