Alchemy Gothic 'Thor' Viking Platform Boots

Alchemy Gothic


These boots are handmade to order, please allow 10-12 weeks for them to be shipped.

The kind of awesomely imposing boots that a latter-day Jarl – leader of Viking war-band – might wear to impose his authority, whilst on his longboat’s coastal raid! Rock-steady, forceful boots imbued with the power of Thor and his mighty hammer, Mjolnir, incised with dragon knotwork and inscribed with Old Norse rune-magic – ‘Thunder & Lightning’.

Black leather, tall platform boot, (2”/50cm platform), with Velcro strap/buckle side fastenings.

Black leather (or Vegan friendly pleather) boot engraved with Nordic knotwork on the toe cap and an entwined dragon on the front panel, and with decorative shoe lacing and antiqued metal fittings, (rune-engraved lace beads, rune-engraved and torque-twist strap rings, dragon knotwork buckles, a large decorated Thor’s hammer across the vamp and an AE brand badge on the inside upper collar).