Cunt Dracula

Period Panties


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Try to avoid Cunt Dracula. He may be cute with his mischievous mustache and red fingernails, but trust me on this one: He’s out for blood.

Description: These underwear, designed to be worn during that favourite time of the month, were created to express how you REALLY feel about your special friend coming to town, which is usually, let's face it, full of rage. The inside front panel of the panties have a black cotton lining and they feature the amazing & hilarious illustrations by Anthony Hall of Harebrained!

Please Note: These are a novelty item and are not made to replace sanitary products.

Materials: 95% cotton and 5% elastane

Measurements: in cms

WAISTBAND 66-71 74-81 84-89 91-97 99-107 109-116
HIPS 81-86 89-97 99-104 107-114 116-124. 127-132

Made in China