Love Is King Necklace

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Love is King - Couples Necklace


A sword through the heart, betokening love conquered and a forever-bond. The reverse is engraved across both with "Love Rules His Kingdom Without A Sword", codified to be illegible without the pair.

The sword withdraws from the Swarovski crystallised heart for the two to be worn separately as tokens of betrothal.


A pewter 'his & her' betrothal necklace which splits into two separate pendants of a floral scroll-engraved heart set with a pale blue Swarovski heart crystal, suspended on a black satin ribbon, and a sword with a hematite cabochon on a black curb chain. A sentimental quotation is engraved upon the back of the combined pieces, which need to be seen together for the inscription to be read.

The heart's ribbon is 22" long and fastened by a 1½" adjuster chain. The sword's chain is 21" long with a carabineer fastener.