UV Neon Mascara


$1.99 $5.99

Head Turning UV Neon Mascara 

Are you bored of your trusty black mascara? Are you in search of a head turning alternative, that can provide maximum volume and length, as well as ticking this season’s trend boxes? Well, say hello to PaintGlow™ UV Mascara, a product that is about to bring a whole new definition to eye makeup as you currently know it.

UV Mascara- Your Answer To Volumptuous Drama

If your festival beauty plans currently consist of lugging around a gigantic makeup bag, crammed to jam with the same boring products, that you use on a daily basis- then cancel them. Because, this season, neon is the new black! 

That’s right, the only product you’ll need in your pocket this year, whilst travelling around the festival and club circuits, is Neon UV Mascara. Providing a high drama, high defining, long-lasting pop of 3D colour- less time is needed for touch-ups and more is available for dancing.

Hypnotic Lengths At The Stroke Of A Wand

Sleek and quirky but by day when under UV club and festival light, will take your eye-game to hypnotic lengths

Incredibly smooth to apply and 100% flake free, our specially designed applicator wand will work to elongate and curl your lashes from root to tip- like a push-up bra in a bottle. For best results, wiggle the wand horizontally at the root of your lashes, to ensure you get a thick and even UV coverage.

  • 6 vibrant colours
  • UV neon reactive
  • Volume enhancing applicator wand 
  • Dermatologically tested
  • 100% cruelty free

Frame The Windows To Your Soul With Our UV Neon Mascara

UV mascara is a fun and unique way to explore the latest fashion trends, whilst enhancing the beauty you were naturally bestowed with. A quick and easy technique to take advantage of your gorgeous features and make them stand-out is to use complementary colours- just check the colour wheel, it’s science.

Expert Tips: Our UV Mascara in "Violet", would look particularly spectacular on all you hazel and green eyed ladies! Whilst, the UV Mascara in “red”, would amplify and enhance the earthy romantic tones of brown eyes. 

Not feeling so brave? Fear not, for a toned down effect, try using your chosen mascara on just the lower lashes, whilst using your trusty black mascara on your upper lashes.